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Luigi Bormiolli, Simax, LUMINARC, Danoon, Spiegelau, ASA Selection, Crystalite, Crystalex, LAV, Royal Leerdam, Schott Zwiesel.



Company BHW SYSTEMS B.V. Was founded in December 1999, in the city of Haarlem, the Netherlands. The initial objective of the enterprise was to consolidate local dishware manufacturers and to sell and promote the produced table sets in the markets of the United Europe.

In a short time, the idea underwent a fundamental change and was transformed into a company selling European tableware and glassware in the markets of China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Since that moment, the main goal of the company has been to meet the growing demand for quality European dishes by residents of these regions of the world during the course of the industrial revolution and their transformation into world production and trade centers.

BEST HOME WORLD SYSTEMS as an official dealer of Luigi Bormiolli, Simax, LUMINARC, Danoon, Spiegelau has established itself in the largest cities of China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. A major milestone in the development was the beginning of deliveries of European cookware to the markets of the Persian Gulf, Kuwait, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates. Since recently, offices in Riga, Latvia and Moscow, Russia have been established.


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