BHW SYSTEMS B.V. based of long experience has developed the following algorithm for receiving payments for goods after the conclusion of the purchase agreement.

After a range of price negotiation with the client we place an order with the manufacturer and in 2-3 days provide information about the terms of the order and its percentage of satisfaction. After this adjustment is made an order in accordance with the wishes of the client. In the case of the primary contact with the customer before the start of the production cycle, the client pays a deposit of 15-30% of the value of the invoice. Subject to the availability of long-term contracts or long-term cooperation with the customer the customer produces a 100 percent payment of the goods in accordance with the final proforma invoice with the expectation of receipt of funds to our account in 3-5 business days prior to shipment from the manufacturer’s warehouse. Since the transfer of documents to the client paid goods, he becomes property of the client.

This product is released on EXW only from the manufacturer’s warehouse. The conditions under which the customer is necessary to consolidate the goods or warehousing companies, are negotiated separately and are governed by the requirements of EU legislation.

The Company, in consultation with the client may make delivery of the goods to the customer in all EU countries, the Russian Federation, as well as in the vast majority of WTO countries. The company can provide customer data to optimize the delivery path to the consignee country’s borders. At the signing of the relevant contract with the client company provides services for customs clearance of goods. In all cases, the company operates strictly in accordance with EU legislation, transit countries and recipient countries.

The company carries out shipments by sea containers, roads and by air.